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Technology & Bibliography Information:

  • Taylor G. K. (1995) Wing In Ground Effect - The Concept and the Market.  Ship & Boat International, The Royal Institution of Naval Architects. October 1995 pp 49-53. Part four of Ship & Boat magazines’ series on this new technology.  Article demonstrates the simplicity of the concept and discusses market entry/development aspects.  1560 words, 4 illustrations. .pdf download.

  • Taylor G. K. (1997) Market Focused Design Strategy - Wing In Ground Effect Craft, Viable Transport System or Flight of Fancy?  Proceedings of International Conference on Wing-In-Ground-Effect Craft, Royal Institution of Naval Architects, London, and China International Boat Show April 1998 ; - paper explores global transport market potential, market entry/development strategy and design requirements. .pdf download

  • Taylor G. K. (1998) Flying in The Face of Reason:  the fact or fantasy of commercial Wing in Ground Effect Craft. Proceedings of International Conference  International Workshop ‘Wise up to Ekranoplan GEMs’ The Institute of Marine Engineers - The University of New South Wales, Australia. (Now revised April 2000) - examines market pricing and design issues through comprehensive business case modelling of ship and aviation economics. .pdf download

  • Taylor G. K. (2000) Wise or Otherwise? The Dream or Reality of Commercial Wing in Ground Effect Vehicles.  GEM 2000 International Conference, June 2000. The Institute of Marine Engineers, St Petersburg Branch and St Petersburg State Marine Technical University, Russia.   Paper examines market pricing, technical direction and business strategy. .pdf download

  • Taylor G. K. (2001) A Practical Guide to Building Ekranoplan (WIG) Models for EAGES symposium June 2001, Toulouse.  Describes authors experimental developments and recommended approaches for model research. .pdf download

  • Taylor G. K. (2002) Are You Missing The Boat? The Ekranoplan in the 21st Century; Its Possibilities and Limitations.  18th Fast Ferry Conference, February 2002, Nice, France.  Explores the business opportunity, technology, industry resistance, and impact that this technology could have on other players in the fast marine industry. .pdf download

  • K Matjasic, H Fischer, G Taylor. (2003) Wig (Wing In Ground Effect) Craft In Military And Paramilitary Applications:  The Hoverwing Concept – A New Generation Of High Speed Marine Craft.  NATO RTO-AVT Symposium “Novel and Emerging Vehicle and Vehicle Technology Concepts” April 7 – 11.  2003, Brussels.  Presented Hoverwing concept for para/military applications. .pdf download (793kb)

  • G Taylor, K Matjasic (2003) Turning Seaways Into Freeways - The 90 Knot Zero-Wash Ferry. Cruise & Ferry Conference, 13 – 15 May 2003, London. Presented Hoverwing technology for civil applications. .pdf download  (1.1mb)

  • Taylor G (2003) Ground Effect Vehicles – The Second Generation.  Air International. June 2003 vol. 64 no 6. pp 53 .pdf download (1.6mb)

  • Taylor G, Matjasic K, (2003) Redefining Sea Level.  Air Cushion Technology Conference.  The Hovercraft Society. 14-15 October 2003, Lee-on-the-Solent, England.  Portrayed WIG as a marine air cushion vehicle. .pdf download

  • Taylor G. (2003) Development of The Hoverwing 90 Knot Wig Marine Vehicle.  Defence Systems and Equipment International Conference (DSEi), ExCel Centre, London, 9-11 September 2003

  • Taylor G, Matjasic K (2004) Turning Seaways into Freeways: The 90 Knot Zero-Wash Ferry.  Re-presentation of paper at Pacific 2004 International Maritime Conference. February 2004. Sydney, Australia (for .pdf download - see above)

  • Taylor G (2005) WIG - What Are You Waiting For?   International Conference on Fast Sea transportation, Fast 2005, June 2005, St Petersburg Russia.  Discusses steps needed to be taken along the road to commercialization of WIG from technical, commercial, civil and military perspectives.  .pdf download

  • Taylor G (2006) Innovation Dying of Apathy: WIG – A Case Study International Conference on High Speed Craft, ACV’s, WIG’s and Hydrofoils, Royal Institution of Naval Architects, October 2006, London.  Explores business opportunity and industry resistance issues. .pdf download   Download narrated slide presentation, abbreviated paper (note large .wmv file 38mb)

  • Taylor G (2009) Commercial Dynamics: How To Make Money Out Of WIG. International Conference on ACV’s & WIG Technology, Royal Institution of Naval Architects, November 2009, London.  Uses ‘commercial dynamics’ approach to explore entrepreneurial strategies and opportunities. .pdf download


  • WIG: Keeping Your Hair On.  Defence Review. Winter 2002 pp 80 - 81. ‘Defence Review talks to Graham Taylor of Hypercraft Associates about the military applications of the wing-in-ground effect.’  .pdf download page 1  .pdf download page 2
  • Lectures to undergraduate & postgraduate students - guest speaker; Advanced Course Novel Aircraft Design Concepts for the 21st Century, Instituto Superior Tecnico University, Portugal 20-23 October 2003. 1) Introduction to Wing in Ground Effect, (2) Commercializing Novel Concepts, (3) Practical Research and Development using Radio Controlled WIG Models .
  • Small Fast WIG Vessel Challenges High-Speed Marine Transport Market.  RINA Ship & Boat Journal Sept 2002.  .pdf download
  • An Introduction to Ekranoplans and Wing in Ground Effect Vehicles.  'Innovation hour' presentation by G Taylor, 7 March 2006; World Maritime Technology Conference, London.
  •  Last Call for Commercial Acceptance.  Shipping World & Shipbuilder July/August 2007. pp 56 - 57.  Article discussing commercialisation of WIG craft with comments by Graham Taylor/Hypercraft.  .pdfdownload page 1  .pdfdownload page 2
  • Guest lecturer  "Commercial Dynamics of Wing in Ground Effect Vehicles" ,  Postgraduate Summer School,   UniversitÓ degli Studi di Palermo, Sicily, 2008.
  • The Blue Freeway.  Presentation to the 6th World Ocean Forum, South Korea, June 2012 .
  • HoverWing Concept Video The promotional video for the HoverWing WIG concept by Fischer Flugmechanik/AFD Airfoil Development GmbH.  Large mpg file 62mb - download HoverWing Concept Video




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