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Photos from EAGES 2001 Ground Effect Symposium
Toulouse, France

12-15 June 2001

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One evening the group visited a restaurant in the town for some genuine Toulouse Sausage Cassoulet

The intrepid gastronauts.


A group photo on the main square of Toulouse

The symposium organizers kindly offered sight-seeing flights of Toulouse for students and delegates.


Ready for takeoff

On the last evening the students organized a barbecue, followed later by a presentation called The Spirits of Europe, which, as the title suggests were samples of alcoholic spirits from the countries of Europe. 

I counted at least six countries, but there may have been more....

Two schools of thought.  Mr Fischer and Mr Jorg

Dr Dmitry Sinitsyn and Edwin Van Opstal


Co-organizer Jean-Gaël Duboc with Dr Dmitry Sinitsyn


Discussions continued well into the night.

Engineers talk with their hands.  Whatever Stéphan and Kirill are discussing must have been complicated.

Some of the Group. 
The designer of the Mirage,  Marcel Dassault, and his son Serge, were both former SUPAERO students

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