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Photos from GEM 2000 Conference
St Petersburg, Russia

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From the homeland of the Ekranoplan and the renown Central Hydrofoil Design Bureau.

The conference took place during the 'White Nights'.
This is a period of celebration in the summer when,
due to the proximity of St Petersburg to the Arctic Circle,
the sun never quite sets,
and the people never quite go to bed.

To fellow delegates:
I would like to include all the names of people in these photos.  Unfortunately I cannot put many names to faces, and am reluctant to guess for fear of upsetting people if I get them wrong.  So please email me if you can help me with the names:  -  state the photo number in the
email.   Also, if you have any photos from this conference that you would share with me, please drop me a line. 



1) The Sovetskaya Hotel, my home for the week, and where many of the delegates also stayed to experience a very soviet attitude to customer service (!).

2) Look what I found next to a canal!  One of the fabulous Volga 70 sports runabout hydrofoil boats out of the water.  Note the classic biplane front foils.

3) Some of the splendid St Petersburg architecture: St Nicholas Cathedral.



4) Looking back on the Alexander Column and Winter Palace. 



5) A typical street scene. Nevskij Prospekt.  Note the 'men at work' sign on the overhead tram wires, while the repair wagon is parked in this busy junction. 

6) A trip on the Meteor hydrofoil from St Petersburg to the Palace of Peterhof was very rewarding.  I was impressed by just how swift and comfortable these vessels were.

7) Palace of Peterhof, well worth the 20 minute Meteor trip.



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