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Photos from GEM 2000 Conference
St Petersburg, Russia
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8) Conference underway in the University main lecture hall.  Dmitriy Sinitsyn comments on one of the presentations. 


9) The exceptional buffet laid on in The Hermitage after our exclusive guided tour.  Also several Russian colleagues introduced me to some very fine Vodka, from what I can remember. 

10) Ah, a group photo.  In the shot: ??

11) It was the shortest night of the year and the whitest of nights, and in St Petersburg it is traditional to celebrate this beside one of the rivers.  So after the buffet some of us went for a yacht trip. We made our way over the Neva to Peter and Paul Fortress, where our yacht awaited.  Yuri (who kindly collected me at the airport) and his son show me some of the tourist sights on the way.  This photo taken 22:00 hrs

 12) Unfortunately the yacht ran aground just 10 m from the quay, and despite our efforts remained stuck for two hours.  Here we see an attempt to rock the boat free by running from one side to the other. 

13) Some of the boats that came to assist.

14) Eventually, at some time past midnight we were rescued and went back to our hotels. We never did get to sail around the rivers and canals that night.


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